Slawson Student Success Story

Still beaming with excitement of passing the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) on the first try, Slawson student Zulma Lopez shares her thoughts on her educational journey…so far. Zulma is an example of an individual who can accomplish a goal with hard-work, motivation and focus.

  1. Why did you choose Slawson Southeast Occupational Center? I chose Slawson Southeast Occupational Center, after my husband (who at the time was enrolled in the MC3 Pre-apprenticeship program at Slawson) mentioned the different programs that were offered at the school. I was especially interested in the academic program because I wanted to earn a high school diploma, which was one of my personal goals.
  2. What did you find most helpful throughout your journey at Slawson? Everything! How helpful and friendly the staff was from the moment I enrolled to my Academic Pathway Advisor, Gina and my teacher, Ms. Quizon. All my questions and concerns were always answered.
  3. What challenges did you encounter in your classes, if any? How did you overcome those challenges? The challenge I did encounter was in my Contemporary English class. I held high standards for myself when it came to brainstorming and putting essays together. I definitely felt like my writing wasn’t up to standards and was a bit hard on myself. I overcame those challenges when I received great feedback from my teacher, Ms. Quizon. Her suggestions and pointers helped me feel better and also realize I was hard on myself.
  4. What do you think assisted in your success at Slawson? I definitely have to say my motivation and faith. I set my mind to accomplish my goal of earning my high school diploma. I pushed myself every day to stay on top of my class work. Also, the support I received from my husband and my sister. Having a support system really helped me.
  5. What has motivated you to reach your educational goals? What motivated me to accomplish my educational goals, was a desire to better myself and my future. I have always held myself back and I felt it was time to put an end to those fears! Once I let go of my fear of returning to school, everything fell into place.
  6. What advise can you give to students to assist them in their educational journey? To not give up! Everything is possible with motivation, even if you don’t have the support from loved ones or anyone. Be YOUR biggest supporter and stay focused on your goals and don’t be discouraged! Nothing comes easy, but with the will to do something, anything can be accomplished.
  7. Now that you have reached your goal of becoming a high school graduate, what’s your next educational or career goal? I am definitely looking forward to enrolling in a few courses at Slawson Southeast Occupational Center to expand my career. I have an interest in the Accounting and Child Development programs.  I used to work in the area of book-keeping and I look forward to increasing my knowledge in the area of accounting.  Child Development has also been an interest of mine and maybe someday I can combine the two areas to open up my own business.

The Slawson Southeast Occupational Center faculty and staff congratulate Zulma Lopez on reaching the first goal of her educational journey.