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How do I register for classes?

To enroll, students must first take an assessment.  The type of assessment will depend on the desired program.  


Can anyone enroll in Slawson Occupational Center?

Potential students between the ages of 16 – 24 years old who are interested in completing the requirements for a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate, are eligible to apply for the Accelerated College and Career Transition (ACCT) Program at one of our four locations.   The ACCT Program incorporates independent study, individualized instruction and technology for at risk youth or high school students who have dropped out. See one of our ACCT Advisors and attend an orientation for more information. 

Adults who are interested in completing the requirements for a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate (not currently enrolled in high school) can take an assessment and meet with an Academic Advisor to create a personalized education plan.  

Adults interested in registering for a Career Technical Education (CTE) program can take an assessment and meet with a CTE Advisor to review career goals and pathways.  

Adults interested in registering in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program can take an assessment and meet with an ESL Advisor to review education goals and pathways. 

Is there some type of testing or assessment required?

Yes. All new students are required to take an assessment for the program in which they wish to enroll. 

Do I need my high school transcripts?

Students that enroll in the high school program will need a copy of their high school transcripts for the academic advisor to develop a personalized education plan.

Students interested in a High School Equivalency Certificate by passing the HiSET do not need transcripts. 

How do I get a copy of my high school transcripts?

If you are a former LAUSD student, please use the link below to order your official transcripts (there is a $5 transcript fee).

For non-LAUSD students, you must contact the last high school that you attended and request your official transcripts.  Transcript request procedures may vary.  

How much are class fees?

ESL, Citizenship, and academic courses are free. CTE courses are free for the 2022-2023 school year.

Are there additional costs?

For Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, uniforms, textbooks, and other classroom supplies are NOT included in course fees. Information regarding additional fees i.e. supplies, uniforms and books will be made available by the instructor on your first day of attendance.

Students enrolled in the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program will be encouraged to purchase textbooks.

ESL students who register for the ESL Distance Learning course will pay a nominal fee of $5 per workbook and a $5 deposit for the DVD.

Will I earn a certificate when I finish my CTE course?

Yes. Students earn a CTE course completion certificate once they meet all course competencies.

Does my past training/experience reduce the number of hours of attendance?

Mastery of a skill is determined by the instructor on a case-by-case basis.

Does Slawson Occupational Center provide resources for job placement?

America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC) is located at the Slawson Occupational Center campus.  The staff can assist with job search, training opportunities and connect students with local support services as needed.  Additionally, Slawson Occupational Center hosts several events such as job fairs, open houses and hiring events throughout the school year to support the job-seeking efforts of our students.

For more information, please visit their website at

Does Slawson Occupational Center offer financial aid?

Slawson Occupational Center is a low-cost, public education facility that does not offer financial aid. However, we can refer you to resource programs that can assist eligible students with program fees. Please contact an advisor for more information.

What is the refund policy?

A refund may be granted under the following conditions:

  1. If a student drops a class and requests a refund within 7 calendar days following the first scheduled class after registration. (As per Division policy a $20.00 DROP Fee will be applied)
  2. If the student paid fees in error and did not attend class.
  3. If the class is closed by administration.


How do I request transcripts or documents from Slawson OC?

The following document requests are offered by Slawson Occupational Center.

  • Transcripts – $10.00 each
  • Attendance Verification form – Free
  • Official letters (including DACA)- $5
  • Duplicate Diploma – $25.00 (Please note that a duplicate diploma takes 3-5 weeks to process.)
  • Duplicate CTE Certificate of Completion – $10.00

All document requests can be made through our website at Student Record Request. All fees must be paid in advance through Scribbles. Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Does Slawson Occupational Center offer childcare services?

No. Slawson Occupational Center does not offer childcare services.

What is ABE?

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a program that helps to develop writing skills, English comprehension, and Math skills.

What is ASE?

Adult Secondary Education (ASE) is a program that offers courses to earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate (by passing the HiSET).

What is CTE?

Career Technical Education (CTE) is a program that offers hands-on training and theory to prepare students for employment or career advancement.

What is ACCT?

Accelerated College and Career Transition Program (ACCT) is a program that offers adults ages 16-24 an educational opportunity to earn a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate.