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Basic Language Arts Advance

This competency-based course provides instruction in basic language arts for two grade levels — Levels 7 and 8. Emphasis is placed on listening and oral skills, composition, mechanics, grammar and usage; critical thinking skills; skills for content area writing; life and workplace skills; and reference and study skills.
Adults are provided with the basic language skills that integrate the CCRS for listening, speaking, reading, and writing, English-Language Content Standards for California Public Schools, Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) competencies, and the Model Program Standards for Adult Basic Education. The ultimate goal is to help adult students acquire the competencies needed to fulfill their roles as family members, workers and community members.
The 300 hours indicated for the completion of this course are based on a student entering at Level 7.0 and advancing to Level 8.9. However, students enter the language program at various abilities and skill levels and may not need 300 hours to complete this course outline. The completion time will differ for each student. This course outline also includes ongoing evaluation of the students so that promotion and advancement occur on a regular basis, and the students do not remain in the program for more time than needed. 
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